Less Hassle, Better Results

Combining technology, certified experts and objectivity to reduce valuation expense.

Legal Matter

Asset Valuations

Divorce, Estate Planning, Probate, Bankruptcy, Tax


Automated Valuations

AVMs are relied on by banks to originate all home equity loans. Advanced technology and a system supported by 2,200 research analysts provide reliable commercial property valuations.

Residential Appraisals

Certified residential appraisers local to the property compete for your business. The result is high quality, fast turnaround, and objective appraisals below typical market rates.

Commercial Appraisals

If litigated, only MAI appraisers have the expertise required for sophisticated, complex and unique commercial property situations with the credibility necessary to defend their work.

Why Use Appraisals For Less?

We combine objectivity, technology, and appraiser expertise to slash the expense of asset valuation

Automated valuations, when available, provide a reliable and inexpensive alternative.


When one side, or worse, when both sides hire their own experts, objectivity can be compromised. Our process helps ensure objectivity by neither side having contact or the chance to try and influence the outcome of the appraisal. Upfront agreement to use one independent and objective appraiser, with the possibility of a work product review by another appraiser, can avoid tens of thousands of dollars spent on litigation.


Banks rely on residential AVMs because they are inexpensive, immediately available and reliable. Most banks, property managers and MAIs utilize a single system, supported by over 2,200 independent research analysts, as their go to solution to validate building and market data. Most banks use an appraisal management system to bid out appraisal work. We simply give the general public access to the same low cost systems banks have relied on for years.


We only use certified residential appraisers to appraise homes and MAI designated appraisers to appraise commercial properties. Our volume and bidding process helps ensure competitive pricing and quick turnaround from qualified experts. Experts provide high quality and, when needed, defensible appraisals and valuations. Our service does not include court appearances, however, professionals can provide expert testimony for an additional fee.

Appraisals For Less

Combining technology, certified experts, and objectivity to reduce valuation expense.

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